Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Cracker Gala

We'd love to see lots of diesel enthusiasts at our popular annual event.

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Always a great event, the steam and diesel departments get toegther to bring the curtain down on an excellent year at the GWR

Keeping it clean and tidy

An excellent addition to the diesel shed is the installation of twin deep sinks and electric hand driers along with first aid facilities. Not only are the locos well looked after in the shed, the workers are too!

D8137 Moves in

We are delighted that an agreement has been made with the owner of Class 20 D8137 to be housed in the diesel shed at the GWR. The loco will benefit from being maintained within the new shed with its excellent facilities.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Works continues at pace on D6948

Work continues to restore D6948 (37248) to original condition. As the project reaches its climax lots of work continues putting the locomotive back together as illustrated in the following pictures provided by Phil Seymour.

 New batteries (110V DC) that are used to start the locomotive.
 New cab floors fitted.
 Fully overhauled fuel pumps refitted.
 Steam valves to connect with the carriages to provide heat.
New timing chain fitted to the engine.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Work on D6948 (37248) is proceeding well with the painting just about finished. There is still a lot to do on the power unit if the loco is to be ready to make its debut on March 19th 2016.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Gala photographs by Malcolm Ranieri

D6948 progressing well

The overhaul of ex 37248 continues with the external paintwork almost finished. Numbers and symbols have recently been applied as the loco takes on its new 'old' identity.
 It really looks superb and is a credit to all those involved.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

This weekend - Autumn Diesel Weekend - 10th & 11th October

This weekend celebrates all things diesel for the railway's Autumn Diesel Weekend (10th and 11th October).

This is a great family event and something a little bit different as well as being a nostalgic dive into an important and historic period of Britain's railway history.

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is rightly proud of the wide range if heritage diesel locomotives based at Toddington and over the weekend all diesel locomotives that can move, will move.

These enigmatic machines represent the period of transition from the days of steam to the modern railway of today.  While some examples of the classes operating can still be found on parts of the UK's national network, the days of main-line diesel locomotive-hauled passenger trains are largely confined to history.  But they are alive and well on the GWR.

You'll find the full low-down on the weekend's busy schedule on the special event pages.  Getting to the railway is easy and there is plenty of free car parking at both Cheltenham Racecourse and at Toddington (in the field adjacent to the station).

The intensive timetable starts with departures at 10.00 from Toddington and 10.10 from Cheltenham on both days, using three train-sets working over the full 12-mile line length, between Cheltenham and Laverton.  Different locomotive diagrams will present different opportunities on Saturday and Sunday including double-heading.

Locos operating include
Class 20 D8137
Class 24 5081
Class 26 26043
Class 37 37215
Class 45 45149
Class 47 45149
Class 47 47376
Class 73 E6063
Class 113 three-car DMU L425

On static display you'll find at Toddington Class 37 D6948 now sporting its fresh coat of BR green and Class 47 47105, with cab visits on offer.

At Cheltenham locomotives laying over between trains will be receiving footplate visitors while at Toddington you can quench your thirst in the beer tent, enjoy model railways in the diesel loco shed which is throwing open its doors, brows preservation and sales stands and re-fuel in the Flag & Whistle tea rooms.

And at Winchombe you can take a look at the Bill Ellesmere workshops and paintshop of Carriage & Wagon Department - the recently-opened facility that is the envy of many other heritage railways.

Pay on the Day tickets are available at the main stations but please note, the tickets allow access to all areas including unlimited train travel - there is no access to any part of the railway without a ticket.

Another fantastic event on the GWR - you may not think a diesel event is for you but think again - you and your family will be impressed and want to come again.  The Summer diesel weekends have been an outstanding success and that's why a second one has been organised for the Autumn.  And the lineside clearance over the years, opening up some of be best countryside vistas you can see from a carriage window, means that leaves on the line definitely won't be an issue!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Volunteers' Queen's Award

Volunteers' Queen's Award

A superb achievement for all of the hardworking volunteers at our railway. 

GWR Trust chairman (and DMU driver) Glyn Cornish collected the award along with PLC chairman Alan Bielby.

47105 update

The long refurbishment work being undertaken on 47105 is progressing well inside the loco with a huge amount of effort being put into overhauling components and repainting. Dave Moorcraft is seen here working on some internal paneling. A lot of rotten steel work has been cut out and major repairs to the engine room floor area are being undertaken.

Diesel Gala pictures - 2

A selection of great images from the recent diesel gala taken by GWR volunteer Malcolm Ranieri.

Diesel Gala pictures - 1

A selection of great images from the recent GWR diesel gala taken by department member Stuart Carrick.

D6948 Progress

Lots of paint has been applied recently to D6948 and the loco is really starting to look good. A provisional return to service celebration has been booked for Saturday 19th March 2016. Watch this space for more details.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 2015 Diesel Gala is this Friday - Sunday

An attractive line up of locomotives is on offer, as well as the GWR's own unique and popular collection of heritage diesels (all now at least 50 years of age), this year we are fortunate to welcome another Western Region diesel hydraulic locomotive – class 35 'Hymek' no.D7076 from the East Lancashire Railway, resplendent in BR blue livery. Thanks are due to the Bury Hydraulic Group for the hire of the locomotive and also to the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group (http://www.depg.org) on the West Somerset Railway for providing crews for the weekend. The locomotive will be a carrying a 'Cheltenham Spa Express' headboard on several trains each day.

The loco list is:
English Electric Type 1 class 20 no. D8137
British Railways Type 2 class 24 no.5081
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Type 2 class 26 no. D5343
Beyer Peacock Type 3 class 35 'Hymek' no.D7076
English Electric Type 3 class 37 no. 37215
British Railways Type 4 class 45 no. 45149
Brush Type 4 class 47 no. 47376
British Railways Class 73 electro-diesel no.E6036

On Saturday, on evening train will operate at 19:15 from Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse, calling at Winchcombe, with a heritage bus connecting direct to the national rail station in Cheltenham from Racecourse The train returns at 20:00 from Cheltenham Racecourse via Laverton and arrives back into Toddington at 21:10. This service will be hauled by D7076.

The class 35 Hymek D7076 arrives at Toddington on Wednesday 22nd July and departs back to the ELR on Tuesday 28th July.

Available at the stations

Winchcombe: Carriage & Wagon open day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the Coffee Pot cafe, Fish and Chip van, model railway (TPO in bay platform – north end of platform 2))

Gotherington: good location for photographs and change of trains. (Please note that the private house and garden will not be open this year)

Cheltenham Racecourse: Driver for a Tenner, a heritage bus link to the main line station and a Coffee Bar on the platform providing refreshments. (Please note, the Hymek won't participate in Driver For a Tenner but will be available for cab visits.)

Toddington: The Flag and Whistle will be open as usual for hot and cold food including takeaways such as bacon baps. Additional capacity for takeaway food has been provided for the event. A beer tent managed by Goffs will be located adjacent to the exhibition coach on the paved area by the station entrance.

The diesel shed will house a number of exhibits including two 'main line' diesel locomotives and a DMU car under overhaul:
Class 37 no. D6948 now wearing its final coat of green livery and approaching the end of a 5 year overhaul and retro-conversion back to as-built 1964 condition.
Class 47 no. 47105 (1693) in the middle of a major overhaul.
Class 122 'bubble car' no.W55003 undergoing major bodywork repairs.

Also available at Toddington
 Model railways (in the shed)
 Trade and sales stands (in the shed and in the car park)
 North Gloucestershire Narrow Gauge Railway (3 steam engines running)
 Permanent way display
 Signal and Telegraph display
 Locomotives in car park (DES and the class 04 shunter)
 Access to yard viewing area

Monday, 20 July 2015

It's Diesel Gala Week!


Come along and join us this weekend for our annual diesel extravaganza!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015

24081 is our diesel of choice for the red timetable this weekend.

If you are at Toddington this weekend to sample the baby sulzer, why not pop into the diesel shed to see the progress being made with 47015 and D6948?
37215 played its part in the recent Friends of Thomas event. Always the villain as 'Diesel.'
Pic - Peter Smith

Thursday, 18 June 2015

GWR Diesel Gala - Sales Stalls

If any preservation society would like a stall in the car park at Toddington during the GWR diesel gala, these are now available outside free of charge. Friday 24th - Sunday 26th July.

Contact Kevin Jarvis for details. kevin.jarvis@ntlworld.com


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Last minute swap

On Saturday 47376 was unable to take its place of the 1555 departure from Toddington due to a minor fault, so 24081 stepped in to cover. '376 was quickly repaired though to undertake its booked duty on Sunday.

More painting brings D6948 return to service nearer

The four year overhaul of D6948 is making good steady progress with the bodywork of the locomotive now completely covered in three layers of undercoat on top of two coats of high build primer. The first top coats have also started to be applied to the roof areas. The diesel shed is usually open for visitors on weekends when working partied are on site. Pop in to see the progress.

Monday, 1 June 2015

47 105 Update

The work on 47105 continues and today saw the engine room roof lifted off and placed on the wagon where it will receive attention to the corroded metal work. 

This also gives much more space to work in the engine room which has had the walls stripped and the gauges and pipe work refurbished.

The equipment room is nearing completion but is missing the refurbished exhausters which are still away.

The equipment room was completely emptied of machines such as the compressors and exhausters, the numerous air tanks, brake frames and the multitude of pipe work among other things. These (with the exception of the exhausters) have all been refurbished and refitting of this complex jigsaw is ongoing.

Update from Rich Watson

Sunday, 31 May 2015

24081 was the diesel loco on this weekends red services. 

You can follow our booked traction here: http://gwsr.com/enthusiasts/locomotive-roster.aspx

Subject to the usual disclaimers.

26043 underwent various repairs this weekend and was also visited by the guys from the North Norfolk Railway ahead of its visit to the coastline railway later this month.

If all goes according to plan the small Sulzer will leave the GWR on Monday 8th June.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

D6948 - The first signs of Green on the loco

Over the recent Bank Holiday weekend, the first coats of Masons P Type Deep Bronze Green paint were applied around the Cab Window area of D6948 (37 248) giving the first opportunity to see how the loco will look after it's extensive Bodywork Restoration.

The first signs of Green on D6948 - Photo Kev Jarvis

The fun and games of installing the Cab Window Glass with new window rubbers and filler strip awaits the restoration team......

Elsewhere on the loco, more rubbing down of the bodyside undercoat has taken place showing more filling and sanding requried to get the Bodywork as flat as possible.

Bodywork prep continues - Photo Kev Jarvis

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Heritage Diesel Weekend 24th - 26th July 2015

The Heritage Diesel Weekend being held over 3 days from the 24th - 26th July 2015 builds upon the great success of previous events and has much to offer enthusiasts and visitors to the line.

We hope you will come and enjoy the 1000 miles of heritage diesel running we have on offer from our collection of heritage diesel locomotives and enjoy the open days of our facilities at Toddington and Winchcombe.

We are also very pleased to welcome the sight and sound of a classic Maybach engined Western Region diesel hydraulic locomotive to the line - class 35 'Hymek' locomotive No D7076 - immaculately presented in the BR blue livery of the early 1970s which is very much in keeping with the latter years of the Honeybourne line at this time. This follows on from the successful visit of sister locomotive No D7017 from the West Somerset Railway at our 2014 event which attracted a great deal of interest. Thanks to the Bury Hydraulic Group at the East Lancashire Railway for the visit of D7076.

The extension from Toddington northwards towards Broadway will be use, giving a full 24-mile round trip, which together with passing trains in our loops at Gotherington, Winchcombe and Toddington allows a 40 minute frequency of service along the entire line, helping to re-create some of the main-line ambience of this former through route from Bristol to Birmingham. 

For the haulage enthusiast, this allows a wide variety of 'moves' to be made throughout the day in pursuit of your favourite traction. For the general visitor and enthusiast alike, come and re-live the atmosphere of travel by British Rail (remember them?) from 30 and 40 years ago! The 1970s and 1980s live again!

Home fleet - in use and working trains
Class 20 no. D8137 (20137)
Class 24 no. 5081 (24081) - the 24081 Locomotive Group
Class 26 no.26043 - Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group
Class 37 no.37215 - The Growler Group
Class 45 no.45149 - Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group
Class 47 no. 47376 - The Brush Type Four Fund
Class 73 no. E6036 (73129)
Class 117 3 car DMU L425 - Cotswold Diesel Railcar Limited

Home fleet - on static display
Class 37 no.D6948 - The Growler Group
Class 47 no. 47105 (cab visits available) - The Brush Type Four Fund

Guest locomotive - in use and working trains
Class 35 no. D7076 - The Bury Hydraulic Group

For more ticketing information, click here

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